Name in Japanese 天王山
Rōmaji Translation Tennōzan
Appears in Manga, OVA
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human

Tennōzan (天王山 Tennōzan?) is a delinquent terrorizing Nagasumi's school. He heads a small group of bullies who were first seen harassing Mawari, but were stopped by the Class President in her Last Amazoness guise, by turning them all into females using the "Gender X" bow supplied by Saturn.

In the OVA series, Tennōzan is the leader of Class Zero, a homeroom full of "eternal" middle-school delinquents. He fights Nagasumi, but loses.[1]


Tennouzan appearance

Tennōzan's appearance

Tennōzan is a parody of Raoh and/or Kaioh from Fist of the North Star. He is a very tall and muscular man with a tanned complexion and short, grey hair. He has a chiseled face, with a thick nose and clearly defined cheekbones and brow ridge. Tennōzan wears a purple cape with two silver shoulder-pads, each with a red gem engraved it the top. He wears a grey vest under the cape, and also wears grey pants with a belt that resembles an animal skull.


  • Tennōzan is most likely named after Mt. Tennō or Tennōzan Hill (天王山?), the location of the Battle of Yamazaki.
  • His name is made up of the characters for "Heaven" (?), "King" (?) and "Mountain" (?).