Seto no Hanayome 01
Manga Volume 01
Date of Release February 27, 2003
ISBN Numbers ISBN 4-7575-0880-8
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Seto no Hanayome Volume 01 is the first volume of the Seto no Hanayome manga series.

Publisher's SynopsisEdit

his is about how they meat and how they dont die also about how Masa took Nagasumi's First kiss.Can Nagasumi ever eat fish again, find out next time on My bride is a mermaid coming in theaters near you.


Sun Seto:Mermaid, Class:Swordsmen, Gang:Yakuza. First kiss:no one yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nagasumi:Human,Class:SuperHuman, Gang:Yakuza (later in the story, well i gress he was always one since sun saved him but isnt really her husband yet). First kiss:masa

Masa:merfolk,Class:Master-swordsmen, Gang:Yakuza. First kiss: N/A, Stole Nagasumi's first kiss.

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