Seto no Hanayome Episode 20
A Better Tomorrow
Name in Japanese 男たちの挽歌
Rōmaji Translation Otokotachi no Banka
Release Date August 19, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Makoto Uezu
Storyboard Shigenori Kageyama
Episode Director Mitsuhiro Karato
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A Better Tomorrow (男たちの挽歌, Otokotachi no Banka) is the twentieth episode of the 2007 anime series Seto no Hanayome.


Lunar's Papa searches for ways to express his love and cheer up his precious daughter when he accidentally spots a bishōjo game from a search engine. Armed with his newfound knowledge, Lunar's Papa convinces Gōzaburō about learning the significance of a daughter's heart with the bishōjo game as a resource. However, things begin to get out of hand when they both embark on cross-dressing, causing havoc within the school.


  • Mizuki
  • Yuhi




  • Nagisumi: What the heck are you doing in school, Lunar's Papa?

  • Chimp: Hey, Sun, let's go. Time for school. What the...? Wow that's rare.
  • Lunar: Yeah, whatever. Let's get moving.

  • Lunar: Hey, watch where you going you stupid--

  • Chimp: What the...?
  • Nagisumi: Was that who thought it was?

  • Mizuki: Akiharu, you slept in too? Look what happens when I don't wake you up! You're going to have a tough future if you don't shape up! Bad boy!
  • Yuhi: Forget him. You need to leave Akiharu alone sometimes. It'll do him good to get in trouble.
  • Akiharu: Boo hoo...
  • Fuyunatsu: Big brother, you forgot something! Here, take your lunch box.
  • Akiharu: Oh, sorry, sorry.
  • ???: Oh, look meow-t!
  • Barbarella: Meowww... If I didn't have a cushion, that would've been dangerous, meow!
  • Akiharu: Who're you calling a "cushion"?!
  • Barbarella: Whoa, my cushion is grumbling, meow! Oh, meow! Pervy human!
  • Akiharu: Ugh!
  • Barbarella: Pervy humans get the death penalty, meow!
  • Akiharu: Boo hoo...

  • Masa: It does. I look good?

  • Lunar's Papa: Oh, no! Don't look at me, you jerk!

  • Both: No! Stay away from us!
  • Ran Seto: Stop it, Perverts!
  • Sun's Dad: Ren, what are you doing walking around with Makeno and brought daylight? What she doing here, anyway?
  • Ran Sato: So she came to get me.

  • Mawari: Um, hey, Akeno, you have any clue what's going on upstairs?

  • Sun's Dad: You're right!
  • Ran Seto: Wrong, you morons!