Seto no Hanayome Episode 17
Cops vs. Thugs
Name in Japanese 県警対組織暴力
Rōmaji Translation Kenkei Tai Soshiki Bōryoku
Adapted From Chapter 26
Release Date July 29, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Makoto Uezu
Storyboard Hiroyuki Nanase, Seiji Kishi
Episode Director Hidetake Nakajima, Seiji Kishi
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Cops vs. Thugs (県警対組織暴力, Kenkei Tai Soshiki Bōryoku) is the seventeenth episode of the 2007 anime series Seto no Hanayome.


Defeated by Akeno, a group of delinquent lords follow her around, which misleads Mawari into believing Akeno was also a delinquent. In order to protect the society, Mawari decides to go all out against Akeno. Meanwhile, the Seto Gang also plot their own scheme against Akeno. Though Sun finally convinces Mawari to rethink of the situation, the unstoppable clashes has already begun.





[Akeno walks away from Mawari]
Mawari: Come back here! You're under arrest for conspiracy!
Akeno: You're just a disciplinary committee member.

Akeno: Who are you supposed to be? I don't have all night.
Burio: If you wanna know that badly, I'll tell you. I'm Burio the flash!
Agitaro: I'm Agitaro the resourceful!
Maguro: I'm Maguro in season!
Mobster: And I'm...
Nakajima: Octopi!
All five: We're Isono Eighth's shot-caller group! We rule the school's game!
Akeno: Like Hell, you do! I already told you bums that you failed the test! So just shut up and stand down until I tell you otherwise!

[Gozaburo, Masa, and Fujishiro watch in dismay as a herd of cats attack the female students]
Gozaburo: Things were going smoothly until the superintendent general's daughter showed up!
Masa: Seems like our plan to take care of Akeno by turnin' the girls against her failed, boss.
Fujishiro: Then it's hopeless now, I guess.
[he and Masa suddenly gasp in horror at who is behind Gozaburo; Masa taps his boss' shoulder]
Gozaburo: Hey, don't interrupt me! I'm trying to think.
[Masa taps him again]
Gozaburo: I mean it, Masa! Or I'm gonna take that frizzy crispy noodle head of yours...! [notices his furious wife behind him]
Ren: I knew the three of ya were up to no good!!
Gozaburo: No, honey! Wait! This is all big understanding! I can explain!
[cut to black; a loud smack is heard]
Narrator: Children, don't grow up to be like this.



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