Seto no Hanayome Episode 14
Koneko Monogatari (The Adventures of Chatran)
Name in Japanese 子猫物語
Rōmaji Translation Koneko Monogatari
Release Date July 08, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Kōjirō Nakamura
Storyboard Mashu Itō
Episode Director Yoshito Nishōji
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Koneko Monogatari (The Adventures of Chatran) (子猫物語, Koneko Monogatari) is the fourteenth episode of the 2007 anime series Seto no Hanayome.


Nagasumi finds a kitten and brings it to school. Nagasumi soon discovers that Sun, Lunar, and Maki are all morbidly ailurophobic. He later assumes that Gōzaburō suffers the same fear, but he soon learns that most mermaids are relieved of this fear when they are older. However, this is not applicable in Gōzaburō's case, due to a tragic experience as a child. Knowing this, Nagasumi decides to make this into an advantage. It becomes unbearable when Gōzaburō pulls the fire alarm, sending all the students outside on school grounds.




  • The episode's title is a reference to the film, Konkeo Monogatari, known in the West as The Adventures of Chatran or The Adventures of Milo and Otis.


[after the false alarm situation with the fire department has been cleared up, Ren chastises Gozaburo, Mikawa, and the Branchial Respiration Brothers for their cowardice]
Ren: What the hell were you thinkin'?! Seriously! You're supposed to be men! How 'bout you try acting like it for a change instead of running around like a bunch of rowdy children?! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!

[after Sun has rescued the cat]
Ren: I get worried and come check on things, and this is what I find? [to her husband and the Branchial Respiration Brothers] You imbeciles didn't get enough back at the school, huh?! As soon as I get here, I have to teach you another lesson! Just so you know, this behavior is why you can never get over your cat phobia! Ya damn moron!
Gozaburo: It takes one to know one!