Seto no Hanayome Episode 10
Pumping Iron
Name in Japanese 鋼鉄の男
Rōmaji Translation Kōtetsu no Otoko
Adapted From Chapters 16-17
Release Date June 3, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Kōjirō Nakamura
Storyboard Yoshihiko Iwata
Episode Director Yoshihiko Iwata
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Pumping Iron (鋼鉄の男, Kōtetsu no Otoko) is the tenth episode of the 2007 anime series Seto no Hanayome.


Nagasumi tells Kai about the experience but the latter doesn't believe him until the man appears behind him. Kai realizes Nagasumi was right and they run off with the latter pursuing them non-stop while tossing aside Chimp (who now believes) and surviving Kai's weaponry while destroying part of the school.

Sun runs off to find Nagasumi while the man has tossed aside Kai and cornered Nagasumi. Sun appears and now believing Nagasumi tries to attack with her sonic shout but he covers her mouth as Nagasumi wonders how he knew how to do so. Nagasumi tries to attack the man but the man deflects him and questions Nagasumi what he intends to do with Lunar. Before he can inflict more violence Gōzaburō Seto appears and a fight breaks out, Nagasumi notices the name Edomae being said. After the fight, Sun's mother (who realized something earlier) appears with Lunar and the latter questions her father on being there. Nagasumi is shocked to realized the man is Lunar's Papa and Sun apologizes to Nagasumi for not believing him as she recalls meeting the man before and forgetting as Nagasumi criticizes her.

Lunar's father doesn't answer her question only answering that he had business at the school and is now leaving. He walks off as a helicopter lands with men telling him that he missed a meeting. Edomae ignores them and walks into a furnace and doesn't get burn as he descends.




  • The episode's title is a reference to the documentary, Pumping Iron.
  • This episode is a slight parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Total Recall.
  • First appearance of President Edomae, Lunar's Papa.


President Edomae: Listen up human! If you don't treat my Lunar with the proper respect then you will find yourself terminated quickly!


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