Seto no Hanayome Episode 01
The Yakuza Wife
Name in Japanese 極道の妻
Rōmaji Translation Gokudō no Onna
Release Date April 1, 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Makoto Uezu
Storyboard Seiji Kishi
Episode Director Seiji Kishi
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The Yakuza Wife (極道の妻, Gokudō no Onna) is the first episode of the 2007 anime series Seto no Hanayome.


Nagasumi Michishio, a teenage boy, is saved by the chivalrous mermaid Sun Seto while drowning in the ocean off the coast of Seto Island. Merfolk society rules are strict, being that Nagasumi and Sun are forced into marriage if both are to stay alive. Little does Nagasumi know that Sun's clan is in fact a yakuza organization.