Octopus Nakajima
Octopus Nakajima
Name in Japanese オクトパス中島
Rōmaji Translation Okutopasu Nakajima
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masashi Yabe
Voice Actor (English) Chris Cason
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Merfolk
Affiliation Seto Group

Octopus Nakajima (オクトパス中島 Okutopasu Nakajima?) is another member of the Seto Group and is actually an octopus. He too becomes a teacher at Nagasumi's school. Unlike the others, his human form is never shown in the entire anime. Most of the time he appears stuck inside the school due to his huge size. It's also shown that some of his tentacles are missing. Some scenes taking place in the cafeteria will show octopus being fed to the students.

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